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B2Bife Agenda 2023

Romexpo Bucharest
Opening of BIFE-SIM 2023

21 September - 10:00

Opening of BIFE-SIM 2023

Romexpo Bucharest
Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Green adhesives TISZABOND

22 September - 12:00 - 13:00

Matefy Csaba | Solvegy | The first "green" adhesive - TISZABOND D3 GREENBOND with biomass content - advantages and bonding performance

Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Why we prefer wood and how we choose it - Radu Vădan

22 September - 13:00 - 14:00

Radu Vădan | Imagine.Design.Make | About the choice of wood (species, cut), the criteria behind the choice and species combinations. For an hour he will answer questions from those interested in these and other wood-related topics.

Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Design, form, functionality, aesthetics in wooden furniture - Radu Călian

22 September - 14:00 - 15:00

Radu Călian | Tilion Studio | About the design of wooden objects and furniture that must meet, in equal measure, the criteria of functionality and aesthetics. For an hour he answers questions from those interested in this subject, but also about his passion for building woodwind instruments.

Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Taxing and waiting times for log houses - Dorin Văideanu

23 September - 12:00-13:00

Dorin Văideanu | Doralnic | About the consequences of subsidence in log or round wood houses and the waiting times to be respected in order to have a quality house. If you like log houses, don't miss the meeting with Dorin and the opportunity to find out what interests you. For an hour he will answer questions from those interested in all things log or roundwood homes.

Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Exterior woodwork resistant over time - George Adrian Mihalache

23 September - 13:00 - 14:00

George Adrian Mihalache | Evomob | About well-made wooden outdoor furniture that resists weather and sun. For an hour he will answer questions from those interested in this topic or in terraces, pergolas and gazebos.

Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Wooden Magazine Stand 66A
Finishing defects: why they occur and how to repair them - Mihaela Radu

23 September - 14:00 - 15:00

Mihaela Radu | Revista din Lemn | About the reason for cracks, craters, orange peel or gassed appearance on varnish or paint films. Ways to solve defects will also be presented. For an hour he will answer questions from anyone interested in this and other topics related to finishing wood and wood fibre panels.

Wooden Magazine Stand 66A

B2Bife means


A B2B event is a great way to interact, to plant the seeds for personal or company development.


In a B2B event the business development opportunities are much more present.

Accumulated knowledge

We want to contribute to the personal and professional development of our industry colleagues. We'll create debates, we'll discuss opinions, we'll share success stories in the Wood Industry.


We want everyone in the stands to spend quality time outside the fair. We want them to have fun and remember their time at BIFE fondly.

BIFE-SIM brings together the entire furniture, woodworking equipment and accessories industry.

B2Bife complete BIFE-SIM with the tools and services needed for interaction and communication B2B.

What is B2Bife?

B2Bife is a project Wood Magazine which aims to grow the community and B2B events at BIFE-SIM.

B2Bife's objective is that, over time, BIFE-SIM becomes
  • the meeting point for wood industry professionals
  • the place where you need to be
  • the time of year around which you build your diary.
  • creates the spaces, real and virtual, needed for a quality B2B event
  • enhances the BIFE-SIM agenda with B2B events
  • provides participants with the services necessary to participate and interact with each other
  • promotes BIFE-SIM


B2Bife Virtual is the virtual space where you get informed and interact with future (and why not current) business partners. All our activities and those of our B2Bife partners will be developed and promoted here. Also on you will find out how to get to BIFE-SIM, where to stay or how to spend your free time during the fair. Yes, like registered member in B2Bife community, you can receive invitations to B2Bife events or win tickets (invitations) to events held in Bucharest during BIFE-SIM. 


B2Bife Real

We will create as many spaces as possible for members of our B2Bife community to interact, during and outside BIFE. We will offer you our support, with the support of Romexpo, in the Revista din Lemn space at BIFE. But not only here! We will develop partnerships to be in your support also outside your time at BIFE-SIM.



B2Bife services

You will find here services especially dedicated to those from outside Bucharest, to make their stay in Bucharest as pleasant as possible during BIFE. Small events aimed at informing, educating and interacting among participants will complete the B2Bife programme.

discussion spaces
hotel reservation
car reservation

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We look forward to seeing you at:

BIFE-SIM, Romexpo:

Bucharest, Mărăști Boulevard 65-67

B2Bife Hotel, Ramada Parc Hotel

Bucharest, 3-5 Poligrafiei Street


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